What Is In It For Me?

Good question.  We all give to get.  That is the law of reciprocity.

However, if this question dominates your thinking and behavior it is likely you are missing out.

My suggestion.  Give value first.  Expect nothing in return.  Give for the gift of giving.

Give because you can.  Give because of what it does for you.  Give because of the impact you will have on someone else.

I have a small advisory team comprised of a few enormously talented and generous people that are situated squarely at the center of my circle of trust.

We work together.  Not for profit or return but more for support and shared success.  That means we give. Time, ideas, talent, resources, support, introductions and generally speaking, whatever is needed.

The giving is unconditional.  I know this because I have done more receiving of late.  I am grateful for that and in turn will be looking for opportunities where I can reciprocate in some way.  I want to be there.  I want to contribute.  I want to give. These relationships typically take some time to develop.  I suppose part of what makes them so special is that nobody is keeping score.

I have assembled an extraordinary team and our journey continues. In fact, this may very well be the best part of the journey.  These people.  I am lucky.  I never work alone.

What is in it for me?


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