It’s Just Lunch

I am committed to at least 3 meetings a week simply designed to further develop a meaningful relationship.  Nobody is closing, rather, it is merely a conscious effort to foster deeper connections where they matter most.  These meetings are typically breakfast, lunch or dinner by design and intended to move me away from the screen, minimize the distractions and engage in the moment.

I am ahead of schedule this week.  Five meaningful meetings and it is only Thursday.  Thus far they have produced an outcome I could have hardly conceived on Monday morning.  New relationships.  Referrals. A very important reconnection.  A whole lot of fun.

It is easy to get consumed “coffee shopping” it.  I have been there.  Spinning the wheels in meetings that don’t seem to count for a whole lot more beyond the Mocha.  I know it is important to strike the proper balance and make sure the meetings and moments matter.  I believe that happens by design.  I also believe the result is difficult to replicate via text and twitter.

I also suppose it will prove to be 3 of my most important hours each week.  If they aren’t?  Hey, it’s just lunch.

This week was a great reminder of some powerful advice:

Never eat alone.

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