Breaking Out Of The Routine

It was a wonderful time for me to spend the last few days in New York.  I know I will be working in a New York state of mind all week.

I love New York.  As a serial visitor I am always inspired by the scale and pace of the city.  One of my favorite New York moves is to throw on a good playlist and just head out for a city walk to soak up the energy. New York evokes feelings of inspiration, opportunity and a reminder of the fragile nature of our lives in the world around us. There is nothing quite like it.  The city makes you come alive.

Hands down the best part of the New York experience is the people.   So many of whom come to New York with a purpose.  To do something special.  I always enjoy conversation with people who are constantly stepping outside of their comfort zone.  Passing tests.  Leaning in to what is next and new.   Going somewhere to do something about a big idea.  There is real learning in those stories.   They do inspire.

When I am stuck in rut.  Challenged by choices.  Or generally feel like I am just going through the motions in my same old routine, two things that help put me back in the groove are:

Travel: It opens you up.  Shifts your perspective.  Teaches you about people.  Offers meaningful and memorable experiences.  Helps you appreciate home.  A change of scenery can be a very good thing.

Meeting new people: The people around us have enormous impact on our being.  How we think, act and experience the world around us.  New people bring forward new ideas, insights and perhaps the best opportunity to share, give, learn and grow.

Being somewhere new and being open and proactive about putting new people into our lives can be hard.  And well worth the effort.

Over the next two months I will be working in Arkansas, California, Maine, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Arizona and Chicago, Illinois.  I will be up in the air and there will be very little routine about this stretch.

When I am done I will be different.  Because those places and especially the people will impact me and help me evolve if I let them. I intend to fully embrace that opportunity.

What a gift!

New places and people wake us up.  Challenge us.  Provide a sense of adventure and renewed spirit.  A new set of experiences.

Inspired experiences can translate into inspired thinking and action.

Ever feel stuck?

Go somewhere!  Meet someone!  I hope we connect along the way!

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