Leadership, Communication and The Employment Brand

It’s been a tough ride recently for many Managers and Leaders.  Stalled initiatives,  shrinking budgets, program cuts and layoffs.  Short term remedies, perhaps necessary, that result in making the challenge of rallying the troops toward a common purpose, capturing the very best effort and output of your human capital and cultivating confidence in the future a burdensome task.  That is why it isn’t a surprise that the Employer Branding Global Research Study conducted by Employer Brand International cited “building a leadership development program to equip leaders with the capabilities  to better manage the employment experience” as the most effective employer branding initiative.  It’s increasingly clear that leader/manager competency is a necessary area of focus and investment for organizations that hope to navigate through this turbulent economy prepared to compete and capitalize in the future.  And while employees have understanding and appreciation for circumstances that necessitate difficult short term business decisions, it’s often the absence of consistent and transparent communication that erodes confidence, disintegrates trust and derails employee engagement.  The combined effect of an effective internal communications strategy and quality leadership are what’s required and unfortunately, all too often overlooked.  Based on years of research/experience our partners at Modern Survey have identified 5 essential elements to create and sustain high levels of employee engagement.  Their thoughtful white paper is available for download here.

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