Join Us Tonight For Happy Hour!

HR Happy Hour logo Who doesn’t love a good happy hour conversation?  That is the plan for tonight as employee engagement and leadership expert Don MacPherson and I join host Steve Boese on his weekly radio show, HR Happy Hour.  The show covers topics in Human Resources, Talent Management, Leadership, HR Technology, HR Conferences and Events, Social Media in the Workplace, Recruiting – essentially anything and everything having to do with people in the workforce. Finding them, hiring them, managing them, leading them, giving them the right tools and technologies to succeed and everything in between.  Don an I are excited for the conversation this evening! Join us tonight and follow the fun on the Twitter backchannel, the hashtag is #HRHappyHour. You may recall Don and I are colleagues and collaborators sharing a like minded perspective on leadership, engagement, culture, career and the future of work.  Enclosed is our Engage. Inspire. Empower. leadership webinar delivered earlier this year.  We look forward to continuing the conversation tonight related to passion, purpose and the leadership agenda necessary to navigate these uncertain times. Should be fun!

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