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I arrived at the coffee shop in my neighborhood five minutes early.  The meeting was facilitated by a mutual friend who indicated it would be good for us to connect.  He was described to me as a Millennial in the midst of a career transition (shocking, I know…).  An aspiring professional speaker.  I was pretty consumed with my own start up launch at the time and actually almost bailed on the meeting when in walked Seth Mattison.

That was four years ago.

We have been colleagues, collaborators and good friends ever since.  I’ve watched Seth ascend to become one of the more respected keynote speakers and thought leaders on generational trends in the workplace.  He brings a unique perspective to the conversation as an authentic voice of this next generation.  If you want to understand the attitude, values and expectations of this next generation workforce it helps to spend a little bit of time with an expert like Seth.

In fact, you can join us both at 3 p.m. ET this Wednesday,  July 25 for a #NextChat on Next Generation leadership.  We’ll explore the conversation around four generations intersecting in the workplace in more detail and open it up for questions and conversation .

Today’s workplace is experiencing a revolution. Technology and new methods of communicating, networking and collaborating have changed the way we do business and have created new challenges for leadership.

Of course, these challenges will exist any time a new generation comes of age, but younger professionals today have markedly different philosophies about the workplace experience and work-style design.  Millennials bring innovative thinking and ideas to the table. They are social, global and diverse.  To remain competitive, organizations must understand and adjust to these new norms, and human resources must be primed to lead the charge.

Conversely, Millennials will need to understand how to adapt and navigate some of the perceived conventional and traditional norms that define the present day workplace (I am fond of routinely reminding Seth of this side of the conversation).

We will break it all down on Wednesday.  Prior to the  3 p.m. ET #NextChat you can connect with both Seth and I on Twitter:

@RyanEstis and @sethmattison

We look forward to a robust discussion on the multiple-generation workplace and “Next Generation Leadership,” and hope you can join us.

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