How to Turn Your Conference Into a Virtual Event

How to Turn Your Conference Into a Virtual Event

The Coronavirus will change the way we work forever. The pandemic pushed millions of people to work from home. Many will go back to a very different office environment. Many are likely to make the home office a more permanent workspace. That creates a host of new challenges for leadership in a time where communication, connection and collaboration have never been more important.

So what’s the solution? Though this crisis is unprecedented, it simply means that we have to adapt and meet people where they are. And for me, knowing that live events aren’t coming back anytime soon, it means a pivot into online education and virtual events. We have been supporting our customers with virtual consulting, coaching and keynote speaking right from my home office over the last several weeks. It has immediately evolved my perspective on what is possible and the opportunity to have an impact going forward.

I recently sat down (virtually) with the team from Managing Editor for a special episode of their podcast Margins. We talked about how my team and my clients have been adapting to this next normal, and where we are headed into the future, including:

  • The differences between a live event and a virtual one.
  • How to structure your content for a virtual event.
  • The importance of customer experience.
  • The future of live events.

Working on how to turn your conference into a virtual event? Check it out and take a listen!

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