Can I Make A Difference?

Image of Ryan speakingI usually get 60 minutes. This morning I had 75. A short time to inspire action.  Initiate change.  Make a moment memorable enough to make a difference. I am a keynote speaker.  That is my job.  I aspire to make a difference. That is my purpose. There is resistance.  There always is.  Not everyone is going to like what I have to say.  Not everyone believes you can create enough momentum for meaningful change in 60 minutes. I am good with that.  You should be also.  I don’t need to appeal to everyone.  I never will.  Neither will you.  We just need to make a difference with those that matter the most. For me, that means a successful morning can look just like this: Image of post One person inspired.  One purpose solidified. That is often how change happens.  One conversation.  One connection.  One meaningful moment that inspires action. We all have the power to make a difference.  Especially among the people that matter the most to us. Each moment matters. Every conversation counts. Thank you Minnesota SHRM for having me keynote this morning (you can follow the event at #MNSHRM). Today was important to me.  This is my hometown.  This is my community. Did I make a difference? I suppose that isn’t for me or any of us to decide for that matter.  What is seemingly important is that we try. That seems like work worth doing.

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