A Day Discussing Business Performance in Minnesota

I do a fair amount of  keynote speaking.

That means I usually have 60 -90 minutes.

A short time to inspire action.  Initiate change.  Make a moment memorable enough to make a difference.

I am up for the challenge.  I believe the decision to change often happens in an instant.  One compelling conversation.  One powerful connection.  One meaningful moment that inspires action.

I also understand and respect the notion that not everyone believes you can create enough momentum for meaningful change in 60 minutes.  It doesn’t leave a lot of time for discussing, debating, dissecting and doing the deep dive on subjects that call for that kind of inspection.  I know that next level leadership and the future of work qualify as those kind of subjects.

That is why I am always excited when the conversation can expand a bit and explore the territory in more detail.

This Friday I am going to spend the entire day with a group of business leaders in the home state of Minnesota discussing business performance in the new economy, next generation leadership and the future of work.

I will present some ideas.  Ask and answer questions.  And guide our conversation as we look for insights into what is working when it comes to managing people, improving productivity and accelerating performance in the new world of work.

Minnesota West Community & Technical College is hosting the day at Prairie’s Edge Casino in Granite Falls, MN.

Capacity is 150 to keep the conversation interactive and a few more spots are open as of this morning.

Register and join us. Cost is $89 and includes lunch.

We’ll finish up around 3:00 pm so you have plenty of time to double down before you roll into the weekend!

I look forward to making some new, meaningful connections this Friday and hope to have more opportunities to engage in this kind of programming as we progress with our 2012-2013 schedule.



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