Influential Leadership & Yesterday’s Keynote

Yesterday I had the privilege of delivering the luncheon keynote address to the 1,000 volunteer leaders gathering in Washington D.C. for the annual Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) Leadership Conference.

It was a fitting conclusion to my conference keynote schedule for the year and marked my 12th engagement in partnership with SHRM this calendar year.  My relationship with this Association has provided me an opportunity to address thousands of their members, attend keynotes, breakouts, workshops, round tables and take an active role in the ongoing conversation about the future of work.  It has afforded me some perspective on the challenges and change associated with the way we accomplish meaningful results in the workplace.

The way we organize work, elevate productivity and improve performance is changing.  Right now.

It will be incumbent upon Managers and Leaders to be increasingly more open, transparent, flexible, creative, and collaborative.  Collaborative Leadership is simply the new and improved model for navigating this ever complex, constantly changing business landscape.

Human Resources is perfectly positioned to guide and shape this transformation.  To evolve work style design. To have increasingly more impact on the business.

To get there will require both HR and Leadership to step boldly into the opportunity, challenge the status quo and exert change from a position of influence.  The enclosed Flip Cam clip from yesterday’s keynote offers a thought and a killer question around influential leadership.

I left this conference yesterday truly inspired by this leadership community, their collaborative work effort to make a difference and the impact they are going to have on the future of work!

I always learn more than I share and I continue to be grateful for that opportunity.

I look forward to continuing the conversation in 2012.  Hope to see you in the ATL.  Until then, stay connected!

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