I Closed This Sale on Twitter Last Week

Last week, I was preparing to head west to keynote the annual Sacramento Area Human Resources Association conference. I was excited to see Sacramento for the first time and in support of the event, I sent out a pre-conference tweet.

I know. Who cares, right? Well, actually the Vice President of Sales for the Sacramento Kings cared enough to reply in an attempt to leverage my time in Sacramento for his team.

On Friday morning I delivered a seminar for the Sacramento Kings on Selling Value in the New Economy.

Is Twitter a legitimate sales tool? Would the Sacramento Kings be on my client roster without it?

I can’t say for sure, but from where I stand it simply comes down to this: meet people where they are!

Phil is on Twitter. He is a potential buyer of my services. I believe that means I need a presence on a Twitter (or I can accept an L to someone who is simply out hustling me).

Buyer attention is shifting.  Buying behavior is evolving. Buyer expectations have never been higher. Buyer behavior is influenced through new and constantly evolving communication channels.

Is your sales strategy evolving with this shift? It’s worth considering.

Thanks for the tweet, Phil. I had a great morning with the #1 sales team in the NBA!

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