How Will You Be Remembered?

There's no place like home - Ryan EstisFour decades ago, my parents took everything they had and put it into a small starter home in northeastern Ohio. Graduates of Kent State University, they were starting teaching careers and planning to raise a family.

That is the house my family called home.

The house is filled with memories. I am typing this from the kitchen table that was home to hundreds of family dinners. I vividly remember all of the avoiding homework, anticipating holidays and epic battles of one-on-one driveway basketball into the middle of the night. It was a small house filled with an active family coming, going, living and loving. I didn’t always want to be there. I have a different perspective now: I had it pretty good.

The experience has changed. The house is quiet now, inviting and a perfect place to rest and rejuvenate.

A visit home reminds me where I come from. The gift of that reminder this week came courtesy of the 2013 Ohio Human Resources Conference. Thank you for bringing me home. #OHSHRM13

There is no place like home. My favorite teacher stills helps guide my journey with unequivocal support, unconditional love and plenty of wisdom. I am grateful.

Spending time where I started always helps inform where I am going. I am reminded how fortunate I have been to have people that made sacrifices so that my life would be full of choices and opportunity. I think about their legacy and recognize that I am a big part of it. That matters to me and I feel a sense of obligation to do my best.

How am I going to show up today?

It’s a powerful question worth considering. That question keeps me moving in the right direction.

In spite of challenges we encounter, burdens we hold and struggles we face on our own personal journey, the power to respond lies within us. It is a choice. Knowing that I own that decision, no matter the circumstances, is empowering.

How am I going to be remembered?

The choices we make, over time, begin to frame the answer to this larger question.

Legacy isn’t something we often consider in the living that consumes us. I think it’s occasionally worth the reflection.

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