Employment Branding & Social Media: A Global Perspective

I always enjoy the conversation with Employer Brand International Chairman & CEO Brett Minchington.  As he continues his Employer Brand World Tour (next stop: Paris) we were fortunate to spend a little time together this summer prior to the launch of his new book, Employer Brand Leadership.

Having worked with Brett over the last two years as part of his Employer Brand International consortium it was a real pleasure to connect live again and tap into the the thinking behind the book and his very global perspective related to culture, careers, work style design and all things Employer Branding.  Like most old friends who hadn’t seen each other in some time we spent time catching up on life’s events, lessons on the journey and debating which game was more interesting:  American or Australian Rules Football.  And naturally, given the work we do, the conversation also included thoughts on the evolution and impact of Social Media in the workplace.

We both agreed the shift in the way we connect, communicate and collaborate is still in its infancy.   And based on Brett’s broad experience he is able to cast a wide lens of perspective on rates of adoption, attitude, experience, impact opportunity and ROI.  I captured a portion of our conversation on video and have included an excerpt on Brett’s global perspective here.  For real detail into his insights, ideas and the most robust portfolio of corporate case studies ever assembled on the practice of Employer Branding buy the book!

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