Content Marketing: Authentic, Differentiated & Compelling

Image of Ryan from video stillEvery two days we create as much information as we did up to 2003.”  I am talking about since the dawn of civilization!  Welcome to content saturation and consumption overload.

“Content might be king, but that is no longer enough.”  As the lines between consumption and creation continue to evolve, quality counts even more.  Creating breakthrough, magnetic content poses an increasing challenge amid the overwhelming deluge of buzz.

If you want to build and sustain a Tribe (or a Customer or Talent Community) consistency counts.  And the content needs to be:


I blog, flip and facebook.  I create content.

I care about my audience.  I want to have impact.  And taking my content marketing to the next level makes a difference.

Authentic?  Differentiated?  Compelling?  I hope so and plan to consistently push both myself and the customers we serve in that direction. While I love to Flip, I also know know that might get my content marketing to authenticity but often falls a little short on differentiated and compelling. Quality counts. It elevates the experience. The experience is everything…just ask a customer.

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