Back To School

Labor day passing signifies the change of seasons and for many families the first day of school.

Remember the first day of school?  The adventure, excitement and opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and make meaningful progress in our personal growth and development.

Many parents will live a reminder through their children today.  I’ll settle for Facebook photo’s of the nieces and nephews.

I am, however, reminded to reflect on my own, ongoing professional education and development.  My own back to school effort has always included emphasis on two of the basics that anyone can employ to accelerate their own personal growth, professional development and success.

1.  Reading: The books we read and people we meet become part of us.  Ideas that impact are available if we are willing to invest the time. {TIP:  Want to read more?  Buy a Kindle.  It worked for me.  Turning off the television also works.}

2. Writing: Writing things down changed my life.  It doesn’t have to be a book or a blog.  It doesn’t have to be public.  The simple act of writing improves and organizes critical thinking.  Writing provides clarity and creative expression.  Writing aids recall.  Writing drives accountability and increases the likelihood of the desired outcome.

What are you reading and writing right now?

Perhaps going back to school isn’t just for the students.  Perhaps it is also a great idea for the professional set to be studying, learning, practicing and preparing to improve our work and life.  Perhaps it is beneficial to find the right balance between doing the work and simultaneously improving our ability to have an impact.

A wise friend counseled me recently to see the teacher in all things.  I am grateful for that gift of wisdom.

Perhaps we need to break out of the old routine, embrace more of the adventurous spirit and pay just a little more attention to the lessons all around us.

Back to school.

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