I am doing several Recruiter Effectiveness Workshops this month.  The primary focus will be on leveraging Sales & Marketing competency into the practice of Talent Acquisition.  I can’t wait because I absolutely love spending time with Recruiters!  They provide the talent that delivers on the business strategy.  And right now, quality talent practices are probably more essential than anything else going on in the organization (TIP:  get the Talent piece right and the client acquisition piece will follow).  The soft economy represents a time to take a progressive and strategic approach to building a talent pipeline, upgrading talent and preparing to throttle down when the moment is right.  Those laser focused will be well positioned to accelerate business performance.  Those that have relentlessly cut and sat this one out to show up with a better quarterly earnings report……well, I suppose they had a better quarterly earnings report….but long term?

Inside a 3 hour workshop on trends, techniques and technology lies an insight that will always and forever be essential to any consulting work I do or recruiting into my own organization.  HIRE ATTITUDE!

Talent and Attitude are not the same.  They are both essential.  One without the other simply isn’t good enough.  And part of my leadership growth was recognizing that talent alone, or even worse, talent with the wrong attitude was simply unacceptable.  Attitude impacts culture.  And culture shapes experience.  And ultimately the quality of the experience you deliver both inside and outside your organization will define your success.  Delivering a quality solution is simply the price of entry today.  HOW you deliver the solution is likely what the customer will remember forever.  HOW starts with ATTITUDE.

The wonderful thing about business is that each new day provides multiple interaction opportunities to deliver an elevated experience.  From leaders to employees.  From employees to customers.

You can hang out in the lobby of an organization between 8-9 and learn a lot about culture and attitude.  How do the employees roll into work?  How do they greet each other?  What is the energy like?  Are people genuinely fired up and ready to make the magic happen together for their customers?  (TIP:  we all have customers.).

The interesting lesson is that Attitude comes down to personal choice.  It has very, very little to do with external circumstances.  Because no matter what happens, the decision for how to respond rests inside of each of us.  Setbacks, conflict, negative people, challenges….they are all part of the game and often exist outside of our control.  What we always control is our response and our attitude.

Talent is imperative.  So is the ability to Choose Your Attitude…

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