Are You Tired of Playing Small?

I watched Pearl Jam 20 again over the weekend. The documentary includes epic Mother Love Bone footage featuring legendary frontman Andrew Wood, a performer notorious for playing the smallest stage like he was headlining a stadium show.

I also spent the $100 like everyone else I know to watch the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight on pay per view. McGregor turned in an impressive showing in his boxing debut making for an entertaining fight and one incredible payday. The most popular MMA athlete on the planet is well known for referencing how the law of attraction and power of visualization contribute to his success.

Peak performers are incredibly visual; they have the ability to see something before it manifests. Vision and mental rehearsal are battle-tested, time-honored traditions of athletes like Lebron James and Michael Phelps. However, you don’t have to be on the cusp of a championship or gold medal to leverage this technique. To the contrary, visualization can serve to support us mere mortals in creating the life we deserve and desire.

How can you close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be?

“See it, feel it, do it” is an effective strategy. Why limit yourself to simply imagining the future? You can take a page from the Andrew Wood performance playbook and play big today.

VIDEO: Play Big

I know this works because I apply this to my own work every day. I have already delivered my next keynote 1,000 times in my mind. I know how it’s going to happen: I see it, I feel it in my body, and when it’s go-time and I move into that space, it will feel completely comfortable. I am relaxed and able to adapt to whatever adversity I may encounter because I’ve already been there before.

This practice and the discipline of preparation doesn’t just apply to the keynote presentation, but to every single aspect of running my business. It’s how we create momentum, capture opportunities and continue to grow in a very crowded, competitive marketplace.

If you want to play big, it’s absolutely critical to stay in the learning lane. The best investment you can make is an investment in YOU. Once you level shift and are playing bigger, nobody can take that from you!

Playing small serves nobody. Don’t let fear hold you back. Decide to play big right now, from wherever you are! The time is now.

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