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Sales Training

Sales Shift: Selling Value in the New Economy

To deliver value in complex and competitive sales engagements, sellers must develop new competencies.

This training explores the seller’s role in earning commitment around a compelling value proposition and advancing qualified opportunities. Ryan challenges conventional sales methodology, demonstrates why traditional tactics are proving increasingly less effective and offers the sales organization a set of clearly defined practices to drive breakthrough performance.

This curriculum is designed for the competitive sales arena. The learning experience is interactive, providing sellers with both the content and context needed to shift their competencies and get an immediate return on investment.

Understanding the expectations and economic drivers of today’s buyer is critical to earning more qualified opportunities and customer commitment. Our curriculum is designed to integrate with any existing sales methodology and will help reinforce the new selling habits required to produce big results.

The outcome of this training will be a sales organization that’s more prepared to compete and win business in competitive and complex sales engagements.

Learning Objectives

  • Define sales competencies of top producers.
  • Explore common sales barriers.
  • Understand the new customer decision journey.
  • Learn how to construct a value position that resonates with buyers.
  • Learn the law of incremental commitment.
  • Explore the new techniques and technology of social selling.
  • Map out pre-call planning objectives.
  • Find out how to leverage referrals and customer evangelism.
  • Create a game plan for growth.
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