Creating My Next Breakthrough

“You won’t have access to a phone or computer for the entire week.”

I paused. I was exploring the idea of attending a personal growth retreat, but the thought of giving up access to any technology for an entire week pushed me right out of my comfort zone. A little digital detox seems healthy. Giving up access to my iPhone for 8 days? That isn’t a move I had ever even considered.

In that moment, I made the commitment. I know that my biggest breakthroughs in business and life happen when I step outside my comfort zone. In fact, that’s exactly why I push myself to stay in the “learning lane.”

VIDEO:  How I Stay in the Learning Lane

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is the prescription for personal and professional growth. It’s a philosophy I try to embrace consistently. It’s helped expand my perspective and empowered me to embrace new experiences like taking a professional sabbatical or walking across fire with Tony Robbins. I know those experiences have helped me become a better teacher. I also believe they have the potential to be a catalyst for living a more meaningful life.

So, while I’m a little uncomfortable, I’ll be heading off next week for a brand new experience with an open heart and mind. Lynn Mandinec and Seth Mattison will be holding down the blog.

Stay in the learning lane. It’s where the big breakthrough moments happen!

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