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Leadership Training

Managing Breakthrough Performance in the New Economy

This leadership course is based on the premise that culture is the most enduring competitive advantage for an organization. The future of work is going to require a more progressive approach to leadership. Leaders will need to elevate engagement, improve the employee experience and earn the confidence and trust of today’s high-performing knowledge worker.

Ryan examines new tools, techniques and technology for managing people and leverages case study examples from category-leading employers. He challenges conventional leadership practices and emphasizes management through change, innovation and collaboration. Participants will receive actionable content they can use to impact the organization immediately.

Leadership training is typically delivered as a half-day seminar or full-day course.

The outcome of this training will be a leadership team that’s in touch with the modern workforce and more prepared to impact results. Leaders will understand how to create a high-performance culture that can become a sustainable competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn key factors to driving employee engagement.
  • Understand how to shape a culture of accountability and performance.
  • Model a collaborative leadership style.
  • Discover how new technology has transformed communication and connectedness.
  • Insight on managing performance and developing talent.
  • Gain insights into the next generation of workers.
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