I am grateful.

For the kindness, consideration, comfort, camaraderie, sentiments, spirit and support that writing about a difficult time on this blog would bring forward.  For me personally.  For my family.

In the past couple years as I have embraced change and attacked new challenges in life I have been witness to a shift in the way we connect, communicate and collaborate.  In my work I commonly refer to this evolution as The Social Shift.  This transformation is part of a trend that I believe affords new opportunity to nurture purpose and meaning  in all aspects of our lives.

Moments of challenge and change can serve to offer healthy doses of perspective.  This week has been a reminder of something I have written about here before.  The notion that it really is all about the relationship.  The best relationships are resilient.  They require patience.  They pass tests.  They evolve and endure.  They are hardly perfect.  And ultimately they matter the most.

A wise person recently shared with me that success in life is really about the quality of the relationships you have with the people you care about.  I couldn’t agree more.  And for all of the people who took some time to reach out, thank you.  Know that I appreciate our relationship.

It’s an amazing time in our lives to think I could be sitting in Aurora, Ohio with a duffle bag, some clothes and my laptop.  In the house and community I grew up in.  And today, be supported and offered so much strength from my new community…my virtual community of colleagues, co-workers, clients, college and high school classmates and so many old and new friends.  Literally, people from all over the world, people I don’t even know….who reached out with a story, a thought and a thank you.

Another example of the power of social media, sharing and the shift.  I am grateful.

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