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Opportunity is More Important than Pain

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In professional sales the sellers are often taught to “find the pain”.  Uncover where they are really hurting.  Expose that.  Spend time there.  Dig into the pain.  Talk about the pain.  Ouch.  I’ve been through that sales training. Ouch again.

The problem with the pain is that its usually painfully obvious.  To the buyer.  To your competition.  Most people are aware of their most significant problems.  And most sellers selling in the pain zone sound like all the other sellers.  Not all that compelling or differentiated.  Eventually someone offers the lowest price to win the business. The other problem with pain is that it’s rather unpleasant.

There is a better way.  If you want to elevate the relationship, value proposition and potential, sell into the opportunity.  Not just what you solve, what is gained.  Not what you save, rather what is made.  Not what you fix, what is built.  Discover.  Innovate.  Deliver the new.  The best salespeople leverage their category expertise to understand and subsequently coach, counsel and help… get there you have to do your homework, ask great questions, listen.  Sellers are students first.  Then teachers.

The best sellers always serve…as guides on the journey.

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