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My Week & His Streak

I was stationary on the East Coast last week working with ERA Real Estate and AT&T.

Team ERA kicked off their annual President’s Circle event with the National Anthem (nice touch) and set the tone for two days of killer content and renewed connections among the best producers in their business.  The following two links provide a summary from my talk.

The Roadmap To Your Value Proposition

5 Questions to Enhance Your Business

I made my way into Manhattan for a late dinner Thursday with my best friend from college.  It had been 6 months since we’d seen each other and I was anxious for an update on all fronts, including The Streak.

The Streak was a personal wellness commitment my friend Scot made over a year ago.  The serial entrepreneur simply decided it was time to make health/fitness a priority and pay more attention to the effects of stress, life balance and (I hate to say it) getting older.  The workout ritual is now a daily habit.

430 days in a row and counting. Like showering or brushing his teeth.  The physical effects of The Streak are obvious.  The psychological and emotional impact isn’t as apparent but trust me it’s there.  The intensity of his commitment has long been one of his secrets to life success.  I have come to realize that it can prove to be a huge advantage. Most people have the willingness to change. The discipline and consistency in execution is the hard part.

The Streak has survived Plantar Fasciitis. I was doubled over in laughter at the description of his workouts during a recent bout with the flu and a high fever.  Kidding aside either of those obstacles would have likely had me folding the tent.  Not him. Crazy?  Perhaps a little.  Effective?  Incredibly.

I am well aware that commitment can occasionally evolve into obsession.  I can assure you this isn’t that.  This is about passing a test.  An exercise in self discipline with an important, life enhancing consequence.

The habit of commitment also transcends.  Into friendships, relationships, family, business, charity…life.   I am very fortunate to have maintained a lifelong friendship with someone who lives that example.  The company we keep matters…perhaps more than anything.

He sent me a follow up e-mail at 5:38 a.m. before his Saturday morning sunrise workout, a long held tradition irrespective of what time Friday night ends (he has had me begging for 2 more hours of sleep on more than one occasion).  All rise!  Good seeing The Streak roll on.

I am off to explore Music City before kicking off the annual Vaco conference to start the week.  Have a great Sunday!

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