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Blog Post 200 & 2012 Speaking

When you do something 200 times you learn a little.  When you do something 200 times you have an experience set and some frame of reference. When you do something 200 times you start to understand why you are doing it and how to do it better (Writing: Why & How).

Writing isn’t my job but has served as a catalyst to connect me to others in ways I simply could not have imagined 200 posts ago.  Yesterday I received this note from an old college friend who just so happens to be the current VP of Sales for Madison Square Garden:

Hope you’re well. Feel like we talk more often than we do because I read the blog and know what’s on your mind. Really, really impactful stuff.  Thank you.

The opportunity associated with this kind of connectedness is powerful.  It requires a bit of transparency and effort but the impact can far outweigh the input.

200 blog posts improved my relationships.  Professionally and perhaps more importantly, with the people I care about the most.

200 blog posts accelerated growth in my business:  The 2012 Speaking Tour

200 blog posts helps me make so many new, meaningful connections.

Looking forward to the next 200!



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