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Best Week Ever

This is my best week ever.

At the close of business yesterday we surpassed our single one week revenue record on the speaking/training side of our business.  In two days.

Today we received a call for a potential corporate speaking contract for 20 events.  It is still only Wednesday.

While we will certainly cross the close of business finish line this Friday with a new performance benchmark, in all honesty, it just doesn’t feel like a “best” week ever.  In fact, what I once measured best by is clearly changing.

If it isn’t the best week ever it certainly has been a significant few days.

I had breakfast with a very important friend and his unconditional support and counsel provided both comfort and confidence.

I helped  a friend going through a difficult period with some phone support and listening.

I made plans to visit my brother and his family.

I spoke to a client who I realize is actually a more important friend.

I practiced yoga.

I talked to my mom everyday.

I worked hard doing what I love.

I prepared for the future with very little worry about what was next and new.

I spent time considering how I want to work, live and what actually constitutes “best” for me.

When it comes to work I realize that how I do things and who I do them with is every bit as important as what I do and even more important than how much.

When it comes to life there is simply nothing more important than spending quality time with the people that matter most.

Those are valuable lessons and in learning them, who knows?  Perhaps I’ll look back and consider this a pretty good week for whole different set of reasons.

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