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What Makes You Different?

Any effective sales pro needs a compelling answer. And in the new world of work, there’s plenty of upside for anyone who can answer that question and deliver on their promise consistently.

I picked up this valuable lesson early in my career — in the kitchen of a theme park restaurant. The idea still rings true all these years later as I grow my business.

Competition is everywhere. That isn’t going to change. To make an impact, you need to set yourself apart.

I also understand that customers don’t buy on price. They will default to price in the absence of value and a quality experience. Providing the value is up to me.

How do I deliver more value consistently?

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Here’s what my brand experience looks like:

brand experience B-01

We’ve outlined six steps to make sure we deliver unexpected customization and impact to our clients. Our compelling differentiation — our brand experience — is in the obsessive amount of preparation and follow-up we bring to every single event. We follow these six steps as a flexible guide, focusing our energy on the elements that will make the most impact for each specific client.

Anyone who wants to make an impact (and drive referrals) should carefully consider their own brand experience and take the important step of defining what that means for you.

I’ve profiled other brands that deliver memorable experiences for customers.

Denise Strother at Strother ERA consistently goes above and beyond real estate buyers’ expectations. Ritz Carlton delivers for their customers in unexpected ways. Heinen’s trains every grocery store employee to be a “trusted foodie.” The Dallas Cowboys create loyal fans through a unique game day experience. My favorite Starbucks barista keeps “pouring happiness.” This neighborhood shoe store creates a buying experience that earns loyal fans.

What makes you different? What can you do to make customers excited about working with you — instead of anyone else? How are you telling that story?

Ryan Estis helps companies and individual contributors embrace change and achieve breakthrough performance. Each live event blends original research with compelling stories that move participants to take action. Ryan has 20 years of business experience working with the world’s best brands to initiate change, inspire innovation and deliver growth. Learn more about Ryan Estis.


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