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How Many Books Are You Going To Write This Year?

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How many books are you going to write this year? How many?

That was the question on my mind as I walked into the restaurant. Writing a single book is a lifetime achievement for most people. I understand why.  It’s an all consuming process and commitment that requires extraordinary discipline.

So the question, how many books are you going to write this year may seem a bit odd.  That is unless you are having lunch with Ross Bernstein.

Ross is a best selling author and big time keynote speaker who has published nearly fifty books.  The big 5-0… And when you are having lunch with a guy as productive as Ross it’s natural to ask questions about his process and style.  How do you do it?  What is the secret?  So I asked him…

I waited with anxious anticipation for Ross to finish chewing and enlighten me with the secret to becoming a highly productive, accomplished, best-selling author….his answer:

I lock myself in a room and write.  Pretty simple.

Sure, he has a system.  Knows his peak productivity moments.  Pushes through the rest.  But the real secret is having a deadline and eliminating distractions to get the job done.  He ships.  Good practice that applies to writing books or pretty much just about anything else you want to do.

At the end of our lunch Ross asked me two questions:

How can I help you?

He meant it.  Specifically offering up ideas and opportunity he thought might add value.  That is part of what makes him special.   He gives first without any expectations of reciprocity.

But it was his second question that really had me thinking at the end of our lunch.

How many books are you going to write this year?

Whether its a book or something else BIG you want to accomplish, this year, the insight from one of the most productive people I know was crystal clear:  Start right now!

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