Top 5 Blog Posts in 2014

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014As I wind down another year of writing, I wanted to say thank you for reading.  I also wanted to share the five most popular posts on my blog in 2014.

While the subject matter varies a bit, the common thread is that each of these posts is specific and actionable. Together they focus on how to improve.  The work required to make meaningful change and take performance to the next level.  I intend for that focus to remain in 2015.

If you have questions, suggestions or ideas for improvement for me,  please do not hesitate to share in the comments below or reach out directly.  I welcome the feedback.


Being a FutureMaker and Leading Culture Change with Mike Kirley, COO at McGladrey

How do you create a major culture change at an 88-year-old company in an industry as traditional as accounting? How do you assemble a team of engaged, inspired FutureMakers who will lead an organization into the future?

Mike Kirley is chief operating officer at McGladrey. He’s helping lead the company and its 6,700 employees through major market changes. I’ve been lucky to work with the McGladrey team as they’ve started their change journey, from the inside out.

6 Quick Tips for Every Sales Leader

Times have changed, and it’s time for sales leaders to take action.

Making basic changes to the way you manage and motivate your team can lead to big results. Sticking with the status quo means getting left behind.

To help you get started, I’m sharing 6 crucial tips for every sales leader in this short SlideShare.

Busy Is the New Fine

You run into a friend in line at the coffee shop. You ask how they’re doing. Five years ago, I can bet their response would have been “fine!” Today? Everyone’s “busy!

No matter who I talk to, everyone struggles with feeling busy. As we’ve become more connected, we’ve also found ourselves time-poor, tapped out, and being asked to do more with less. So, how do we as employees, leaders, community members, spouses, parents and friends maximize the efficiency in every 24 hours while still leading a balanced, happy, healthy life?

This Is What Happened When I Completely Changed My Approach to Sales

I had four sales meetings in one day recently. At the end of the day, I spent some time reflecting on how — and why — my sales strategy has completely changed over time.

The Introvert’s Guide to Better Networking

Last week, I was in a room with 300 strangers. I was introduced to a woman who was sharp, outgoing, and engaging. She asked really insightful, smart questions. I had her pegged: a power networker. She was clearly in her element and very comfortable connecting with strangers.

But as our conversation continued, I came to learn that she wasn’t an extrovert or a natural networker at all. To the contrary, she was a self-described introvert who had trained herself to become a great connector. Here’s how.


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