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The employment experience  manifests itself into the customer experience.   And how successful brands live their difference expertly articulates our conversation driven world and the role of employee decision on the brand experience. Often, the ‘conversation’ about Employment Branding lives externally – for the sole purpose of talent acquisition, candidate experience etc. When in reality, the employer brand represents the work experience aligned managers and leaders strive to cultivate, nurture and deliver everyday in an effort to elevate employee engagement and performance.   I recently read through a list of ’16 critical touch points of the employment brand’ and it fell way short of actually capturing much of the intent or benefit of employer brand strategy – what happens in the organization when people show up to work everyday (and especially their FIRST DAY or critical initial 12 months which create the foundation for employee engagement – performance and retention).  I had an Employment Branding 2.0 conversation with Peter Clayton at Total Picture Radio and emphasized the importance of extending the brand experience beyond the acceptance of the offer.  Getting the right talent to yes is just the start. What happens next is what really counts.

Employer Brand International is conducing a global research study to investigate the “influencers of employment choice” to investigate why employees choose to join an organization over another. The outcomes of the study will provide insights into which value propositions are considered more important than others across regions, age, gender, tenure, industries, etc.  To access the study,   click here.  EBI will provide you with a complimentary copy of the final research study report. There are only 24 questions in total. Approx completion time is 10 minutes.

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